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16 May 2014 | Pop


Smule User Spotlight

Smule User Spotlight

Every now and then Smule puts one of their millions of users in the User Spotlight. They do this if they appreciate the user and think the user is good and supportive!
To my great joy, I was picked last week in the Smule User Spotlight! I was briefly interviewed so that people get to know me a little better. This has gained me some extra followers too. Currently I am all about the 5000 followers worldwide in less than 2 months time! Super fun right?!

Watch and read the interview Here!

Curious at my duets at Smule? Checkout one of my recodings filmpjes or check out my YouTube Channel and check my special Smule Duets playlist.

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Sonny Sinay

August 13th, 2015

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