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16 May 2014 | Pop


Premiere Dinnershow Pandora

Premiere Dinnershow Pandora

Sunday 18th October was the big day, the big official premiere of Dinnershow Pandora.

After months of hard rehearsing and after several try outs October 18th was finally there. The big premiere of Dinnershow Pandora, and man I was so excited. Of course we were already convinced that it’s a good show, we already saw during the try outs how thrilled the audience was but it still is nerve wrecking when you have to perform in a studio which is filled with press and famous people. We started the opening a bit nervous with pop songs like Mesmerized, Get the party started and Bang Bang, but soon the nerves converted to enthusiasm and adrenaline because everyone went crazy! The rest of the show went really well and the energy we got from the audience was magical! We were so happy with our official premiere, but what will the reviews say?

Check out one of the reviews of Dinnershow Pandora:
By Marit van Eisden at

A brand new Dinnershow in Hilversum about the myth of Pandora in Studio 21. An evening of seduction, passion, singing and dancing. But above all, an evening in which all senses are sharp.

The show consists out of three parts. When the audience arrive in the attractive dining room, which has been transformed into a night club, the first part of the show starts with the introduction of Pandora with “Get this party started” by Pink. And appropriate at Pandora, the curiosity to the rest of the evening is immediately aroused. Following is the entree and side dish and we get a special acrobatic act, performed by Leroy Kemper and Charlotte Lucas.
After the tender main course the main show started. Miss Pandora takes us seductively along on a adventure, a musical journey around the world. She introduces us to to Las Vegas, Egypt, India, France and Italy. There are new things to discover everywhere. In each country the soloists will bring famous songs, some of the songs are perfomed in a different unique way. The dancers and soloists are dressed in beautiful clothes that are matching the music same as the dance steps. Also the decor is in these short stories are spectacular with cool graphics and special effects and spectacular lighting. This is just the finishing tough and each number will be a new surprise.

Michelle Splietelhof is Miss Pandora in this show. She will be assisted by the spectacular vocals of April Darby and Dewi Pechler. All three ladies have an impressive voice. Roy van Iersel, Roman van der Werff, Sonny Sinay and Laurens Hagens are the male soloists and are certainly just as impressive as their female colleagues. They are accompanied by a great show ballet during the show. The combo Diederick Ensink and Sebas Wolfensberger are responsible for musical entertainment between courses.

A lot of temptation this evening. Sensual performances with sexy dressed ladies and delicious food. But also the pole dance act where dancer Leroy removes his clothes, does make the women hearts beat faster this evening. And just when it gets ‘too’ hot we are cooled down with a hit from the film ‘Frozen’. It was a very strong implementation of ‘ Let it go ‘  by Splietelhof and Darby which caused goose bumps moments.

After dinner and the show it’s still not time to go home, because then you can show your best dance moves on the dance floor on the bustling afterparty.

Different arrangements with different prices are available for Dinnershow Pandora.

Would you like to be present at this Dinnershow? Check out and buy your tickets. I would love to see you there! 🙂

Picture: Roy Beusker

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