Reason for Breathing
16 May 2014 | Pop


“Sonny Sinay is an artist in every fiber of his body.
Sonny got more fame as the winner of The Voice Radio at Edwin Evers on radio 538 and his participation in season 4 of The Voice of Holland. With Ilse de Lange as his coach Sonny has been working hard to show his own style as a authentic performer. “

Since he was a little kid it was obvious to Sonny how he saw his future. Make music and reach as many people as possible. His father was a musician so he must have passed it on!

Sonny began to sing before he could even talk. Back then he sat in his buggy humming melodies as he was walking with Grandma or mom. When he started talking and heard songs on the radio he soon began to sing along to the songs of Madonna, Whitney Houston and George Michael.

He performed for the first time in front of an audience in a karaoke bar when he was 15, after that he got in different cover bands where he was a lead singer. In 2008, Sonny’s passion became his profession. In his twenties Sonny performed on many venues in The Netherlands and abroad as the charismatic frontman in one of the biggest Dutch cover bands.

Sonny won The Voice Radio at Edwin Evers on radio 538 in 2013. Winning a talent show where you only get judged by your voice was like a dream come true for Sonny. As the winner, Sonny got to perform for 17000 people among other big artists in a sold out Ziggodome.

Besides that huge performance he also got a spot in The Blind auditions of The Voice of Holland 4. During this audition all 4 chairs turned around for him and that’s when he chose to be a part of team Ilse de Lange. He made it till the battles. Winning The Voice Radio and his participation at The Voice of Holland gave Sonny’s carreer a giant boost.

Sonny’s first single “Reason for breathing” is out now. This debut single is produced by Gordon Groothedde and is released by 8ball music.

Sonny is a lead singer in Dinnershow Pandora since September 2015, the successor of the succesfull 21 on Air in Studio 21 in Hilversum.

Photo credits: Alexia van der Meijden Photography